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Grab Your Wallet launches campaign to warn public about far right candidates

The Grab Your Wallet Alliance, known for its successful consumer boycott of companies doing business with the Trump administration, today launched The Company You Keep—a project aimed at warning the public about 36 members of U.S. Congress whose views and voting records are significantly out of step with Democratic and Republican and voters alike.

“Our work has always been more about basic human decency and democratic norms than party politics, so it attracts people with a wide variety of views,” said Grab Your Wallet President Shannon Coulter. “We realized we were in a good position to help independent and moderate voters understand which members of Congress are embracing the Republican party’s shift to the far right.”

The project, which primarily focuses on 2024's most competitive races, highlights the voting records of 36 Congressional incumbents on four issues: reproductive rights, climate change, background checks for gun purchases, and election denial.

“We often hear how divided the country is, but Americans actually agree on a number of big things like the importance of women making their own health care decisions and the need for background checks on gun sales," said Coulter. “The problem is that far right Congresspeople are routinely attacking and blocking those things. People have a right to know who is doing that.”

Among the 36 candidates identified as consistently voting against the views of most Americans are well known members of Congress such as Lauren Boebert (CO-3) and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, but also a number of lesser known politicians such as John James (MI-10), Ken Calvert (CA-41), Michael Lawler (NY-17) and David Schweikert (AZ-1). 

The project launch includes a donation tool that automatically splits campaign contributions between over 50 Democratic candidates running against the 36 extreme right members of Congress in over 30 key races in the 2024 election cycle. It was developed in collaboration with fundraising platform ActBlue.

The launch also includes an online petition that asks companies that have contributed to these 36 far right candidates in the past to refrain from doing so in the 2024 election cycle. 

In rare cases where moderate Republican candidates are running against extreme right incumbents, the Company You Keep website includes information about those candidates as well and links to their campaign websites.