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When boycotts work

Triple Pundit explores the role Grab Your Wallet plays in "empowering individual consumers to pressure brands into taking a stand against hate and other offensive behavior." 

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When the Trump brand met Louis Vuitton

Grab Your Wallet President Shannon Coulter speaks with the Times about Louis Vuitton's decision to do a public appearance with Donald Trump at a time when he's more controversial than ever. 

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Equinox, Trump, and the embarrassment of being a consumer in 2019

Vanity Fair's Kenzie Bryant explores one of the biggest responses yet to a Grab Your Wallet add, the decision to put passion brands Soul Cycle and Equinox on the boycott list over parent company chairman's $100,000-a-ticket Trump fundraiser. 

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Why I'm leaving SoulCycle after 7 years

Vogue's Michelle Ruiz discusses her decision to stop going to SoulCycle as well as Grab Your Wallet's decision to add it to the long running anti-Trump boycott list. 

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Fitness chains SoulCycle and Equinox in Trump storm

The BBC covers Grab Your Wallet's decision to add SoulCycle and Equinox to the boycott list after the Washington Post reveals the chairman of their parent company, Stephen M. Ross, is throwing Donald Trump an expensive fundraiser. 


A #GrabYourWallet Effect?

Following Nordstrom Drop, Ivanka Trump Line Disappears From Neiman Marcus Website