Here are the companies that have been dropped from the #GrabYourWallet boycott list, in chronological order.
Company dropped from #GrabYourWallet boycott listDate dropped Reason / notes
1Shoes.com11/12/16After some back and forth w/ #GrabYourWallet participants on Twitter, issued a statement indicating Ivanka's shoes were not selling well
2Bellacor11/16/16Customer service email indicated that Bellacor constantly evaluates its product mix and is not selling Ivanka's brand at this time.
3Jenny Craig11/17/16Bloomberg incorrectly lists Ms. Craig, a Trump fundraiser, as a current board member of Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig's PR team reached out to #GrabYourWallet to indicate that she is no longer a board member at which point the company was removed from the list and a correction issued via Twitter.
4Wayfair11/18/16Unknown. Trump Home line is simply no longer available.
5Zulily11/18/16Unknown. Ivanka items simply no longer available.
6RueLaLa11/20/16Company Tweeted on 11/20/16: "Rue is a flash sale site & we constantly change the brands we offer. At this point, we are not selling Ivanka Trump merch."
7Kawasaki USA1/18/17The company reached out to #GrabYourWallet on 1/17/17, saying "we would not elect to sponsor the show again so as long as Mr. Trump is involved, including as an Executive Producer. " The company was an advertiser on Celebrity Apprentice of which Donald Trump is a paid Executive Producer. The company's product placement occurred 1/16/17.
8Uber2/2/17On 2/2/17, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced he would leave Donald Trump's Economic & Policy Forum, which was the recommended action for Uber to be removed from the boycott portion of the #GrabYourWallet list. Some information about the company's actions during the JFK protest of the Muslim ban will continue to appear in the "FYI" section of the list.
9The Honest Company2/7/17A former Celebrity Apprentice sponsor, The Honest Company has committed to not participating in potential future seasons of the show.
10Tyra Beauty2/7/17A former Celebrity Apprentice sponsor, Tyra Beauty stated to #GrabYourWallet in an email dated 2/7/17 that "We want to make it clear that Tyra Beauty is not an active sponsor of The Celebrity Apprentice series and does not plan to become one in the future." Tyra Beauty was removed from the #GrabYourWallet list the same day.
11Jet2/8/17On 2/7/17, reported that Jet had eliminated its Trump inventory, which had consisted primarily of Ivanka products as well as official Trump fragrances of various kinds. #GrabYourWallet has confirmed that the inventory is gone and on 2/8/17 removed Jet from the list.
Carnival Corporation
2/8/17On 2/8/17, Carnival confirmed to #GrabYourWallet via email that it will not be involved in any potential 2018 season of The Celebrity Apprentice as it is producing its own content now: "We have begun to create and produce our own TV shows for multiple TV networks, so we have no plans to be a sponsor of Celebrity Apprentice next season."
13Nordstrom2/9/17On 2/3/17, Nordstrom announced it was cutting ties with Ivanka Trump due to poor sales. Although they were still selling through remaining Ivanka inventory in brick and mortar locations at the time of this writing (2/9/17), the GrabYourWallet community voted to remove Nordstrom & Nordstrom rack from the list in the wake of a negative Tweet about the company's decision from Donald Trump.
14Nordstrom Rack2/9/17See list above for Nordstrom.
15Gilt2/11/17As of 2/11/17, there are no Trump brand items available on the Gilt site. Since Gilt is strictly online (no brick & mortar), so it was removed from the boycott list. It is not known at this time why Gilt is no longer selling these items, although it should be emphasized that Gilt is a flash sale site & inventory tends to be more volatile w/ such companies than with more traditional retailers. That said, Gilt's Trump Home inventory had remained stable since the beginning of the boycott. Items disappeared during a period when many other retailers were removing Trump inventory from their sites as well.
16Kmart2/13/17On 2/12/17, Sears & Kmart announced they were dropping the Trump Home line from their inventory. They also confirmed that they do not carry this line in their brick and mortar locations. On 2/13/17 we removed these two retailers from the #GrabYourWallet list, but because each one still offers official Trump items through 3rd party vendors, we did include entries for them in the "FYI" section.
17Sears2/13/17On 2/12/17, Sears & Kmart announced they were dropping the Trump Home line from their inventory. They also confirmed that they do not carry this line in their brick and mortar locations. On 2/13/17 we removed these two retailers from the #GrabYourWallet list, but because each one still offers official Trump items through 3rd party vendors, we did include entries for them in the "FYI" section.
18ShopStyle 2/18/17On 2/7, Mic reported that ShopStyle was pulling Trump brand items, but a few Donald Trump suits lingered on the site until 2/17, when they no longer appeared.
19Lorissa's Kitchen2/28/17On 2/28/17, Lorissa’s Kitchen’s issued the following statement via email to #GrabYourWallet: "Lorissa's Kitchen's participation in a single episode of The New Celebrity Apprentice in no way reflects a political stance or endorsement. When we decided to participate in the show, the two major factors that drew us to participate were a broad platform to talk about our new product that we are so proud of and the show’s philanthropic efforts. If additional seasons of The New Celebrity Apprentice are announced, Lorissa’s Kitchen will not participate."
20LA Clippers2/28/17On 2/28/17, the LA Clippers issued the following statement via email to #GrabYourWallet: "The LA Clippers are not an active sponsor of The New Celebrity Apprentice series and have not endorsed the show or its creators.”
21QVC2/28/17On 2/28/17, QVC issued the following statement via email to #GrabYourWallet: "While QVC agreed to sponsor one episode of NBC’s The New Celebrity Apprentice in early 2016, QVC does not plan to sponsor additional episodes at this time. QVC’s sponsorship was not an endorsement of any specific political official or government policy."
22Neiman Marcus 3/15/17On 2/2/17, #GrabYourWallet participants noticed there were no longer any Trump items for sale on the Neiman site. Racked published a story on this, stating that Neiman had decided not to carry the line this season. Neiman issued a statement: "Neiman Marcus has a very small Ivanka Trump precious jewelry business which is compromised 100 percent of consigned merchandise. Based on productivity we continuously assess whether our brands are carried in stores, on our website, or both." On Feb 3rd, Neiman was removed from the boycott list, the 9th company to be removed. On 3/8/17, however, #GrabYourWallet participants noticed two new Ivanka jewelry items on the Neiman site, so the store was briefly re-added to the boycott list. The products, however, disappeared from the site within 24 hours and in the interim the Ivanka Trump brand made a statement that it is discontinuing its fine jewelry line altogether which was the only line Neiman carried, so the retailer was re-removed from the list.
23BuyBuyBaby.com3/29/17On 3/12, Ivanka Trump items no longer appeared on the website and had not returned as of 3/29/17. BuyBuyBaby is owned by Bed Bath & Beyond. Ivanka products also disappeared from the Bed Bath & Beyond site in early March, but the site does still carry two Trump Home lighting fixtures, manufactured by ELK, so that store is remaining on the site for now. The company's PR team has been unresponsive to inquires as to whether or not it has plans to get rid of Trump merchandise altogether.
Footnotes / Errata:
Stein Mart (online only)11/24/16Trump brand products are no longer for sale on Stein Mart's site. Reason unknown although original inventory appeared limited, so it could simply be that they ran out of stock. Note: inventory checks at brick & mortar locations indicate Trump brand goods are still being sold at brick and mortar locations
Build.com11/30/16Sometime between 11/27 and 11/30, surreptitiously removed search sensitive Trump labels in order to be removed from boycott list and has therefore earned a permanent spot on it.