#GrabYourWallet Action Guide (in order of priority)
The goal of the #GrabYourWallet boycott is to get companies to cut their financial ties to the Trump administration. This is so we can remove them from the boycott list and return as customers as quickly as possible! Over 70 companies have been removed from the list. Here are some ways you can make sure more are removed. Your words will have the most impact if they are respectful.
1: Send an email to the company's PR team.
The "P" in PR stands for public and that's you, so make yourself heard! PR professionals are sensitive to branding and reputation related issues, they're usually in a better position to encourge the company to make changes than customer service team members, and unlike a phone call emails can be easily forwarded & documented, so if you're only going to contact the company in one specific way, make it this one.
2: Send an email to customer service.
Experts recommend sending an email over making a phone call because emails can easily be forwarded to management. Many people choose to start with this sample wording, then customize from there.
Here's a sample of what to say: ""Hi. I’m a customer of [CompanyName]. Unfortunately I can no longer do business with your company because it and/or its leaders have aided in the political efforts/endeavors of the Trump administration. If your company were to publicly commit to not doing so in the 2020 election cycle, I would enthusiastically return as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to management."
3: Call the companies on the list.
Start with the companies with which you have a genuine connection as a customer. If you can only contact a few companies on the list, that's fine! If you're not prepared to boycott a company, but would just like to express your concern, that's great too. The professionals with whom you speak tend to be VERY polite and receptive when receiving such calls. Your call is most effective when you use a polite tone too. Don't worry that you're being confrontational by calling them. As long as you keep your tone respectful, calls tend to be quick & pleasant.
4 - Use social media to address the companies on the list.
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the three most popular ways to use social media to get the attention of the companies on the list. Be sure to tag in the company's name using the @ sign, so they see it. Use the #GrabYourWallet hashtag and/or the Twitter handle @shannoncoulter for possible retweeting! Sample Tweets: "I love your sneakers @NewBalance, but just can't buy them until your CEO commits to not donating to Trump's reelection. #GrabYourWallet"
6 - Share the #GrabYourWallet list with your family & friends!
We love it when you share the grabyourwallet.org site with your framily and friends! Encourage them to reach out to their favorite companies on the list.